Global Warming, Climate Change: The Second Greatest Lie and Hoax, Climategate, Climate Gate

Global Warming (Climate Change) is the second greatest lie and hoax next to evolution.  Why is Global Warming pushed so hard by; The Left, Marxist, Socialists, Progressives, and Democrats?  Because Global Warming is one of the keys for them to redistribute money.  The failed Cap and Trade legislation is a key example of the redistribution of wealth (Socialism) from one group of people to another.

You can guarantee that anything our government gets involved with is to garner them more control over us or to get our money.  It is the nature of man made government to oppress its people.  If it wasn't for our constitution restraining our government they would have long ago turned America into a Marxist Utopia.  Obamacare is a key for our government to redistribute our wealth and gain control over us.  It's not about health, it's about control.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help,'" Ronald Reagan.

Scientists lied and suppressed "data" about Global Warming to push their godless agenda.  Scientists are supposed to be objective and follow the evidence wherever it leads.  If this is always true why did those scientists lie about Global Warming in Climategate?

"Science depends on good quality of data.  It also relies on replication and sharing data.  But the last couple of days have uncovered some shocking revelations.  Computer hackers have obtained 160 megabytes of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England.  These e-mails, which have now been confirmed as real, involved many researchers across the globe with ideologically similar advocates around the world.  They were brazenly discussing the destruction and hiding of data that did not support global warming claims.  The academics here also worked closely with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."
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I find it humorous that whenever they have a "Global Warming" "Climate Change" world conference it is either snowing or the coldest it has been in that area for decades.  The myopic disciples of "Global Warming" "Climate Change" claim the reason it is so cold is because of "Global Warming" "Climate Change."

Either way they win!  If it's hot they claim it is because of "Global Warming" "Climate Change."  If it is cold they claim it is because of "Global Warming" "Climate Change."  I'm sorry, they can't have it both ways. 

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary of the lie of "Global Warming" "Climate Change" they still will not come to their senses.  Reminds me of the old saying, "Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still."

A recent article shows to the great lengths "scientists" and governments will go to lie about and then deny the data that debunks "Climate Change,"

"Scientists working on the most authoritative study on climate change were urged to cover up the fact that the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years, it is claimed...But leaked documents seen by the Associated Press, yesterday revealed deep concerns among politicians about a lack of global warming over the past few years.  Germany called for the references to the slowdown in warming to be deleted, saying looking at a time span of just 10 or 15 years was ‘misleading’ and they should focus on decades or centuries."

Al Gore recently stated on his blog under, "An Answer For Bill" on February 1, 2011 that this record severe winter weather was caused by "man-made global warming."  Nonsense!  What kind of ideologue believes this kind of blatant propaganda?

Below is an interesting exchange between a believer in Al Gore's Blog post on Climate Change and two people who completely debunk that myth.

Climate Change Ideologue:
Nice to see all of the hip-shooters on this website didn't even bother to read the comment. Everything he said is completely consistent with climate change models.

Fact Based Responder #1:
Most of the data IS NOT consistent with the models.  This has been a thorn in the side of Global Warming folks for about 20 years now.  Works great on Venus, Earth, not so much.

Fact Based Responder #2:
We know now that many of the Global Warming models were built using fabricated and fraudulent data.  Data fabricated because the real numbers didn't support Global Warming and that continued or increased "grant money" depended on the panic generated by Global Warming; now Climate Change.  Many seem to have forgotten or ignored Memo-Gate from the leading universities and climatologists.  Follow the money.

A recent Fox News opinion article pretty much nailed the Global Warming Climate Change propaganda:

"I could not help but think of global warming as I was re-reading Mackay’s words. He would have recognized it as kin to his own numerous and insidious subjects—superstition masked as science; Western guilt over having conquered the world manifesting itself as hatred for the technologies that made it possible; apocalyptic yearning in the guise of political enlightenment.

In fact, global warming is the most widespread mass hysteria in our species’ history. The fever that these legions of warmists warn of does not grip the globe, but rather their own brains and blinkered imaginations.

And like every mass delusion, there is danger – danger that Man will be convinced by these climate cultists to turn his back on the very political, economic, and scientific institutions that made him so powerful, so wealthy, so healthy...

Fortunately this strange fever is breaking, and voters are becoming ever more suspicious of government-mandated schemes to control their “carbon emissions,” which is just a bureaucrat’s way of curbing productivity, and therefore liberty.

In centuries hence the global warming boogeyman will be seen for exactly what it is – The Great Delusion. Future generations will wonder how so many people could have believed something so suicidally ridiculous."
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Climate Change; A Religion of Lies and Confusion

Global Warming/Climate Change is not science, it's the religion for progressives/socialists/communists who want your freedoms taken away by unnecessary government regulation.  It is their means to redistribute the wealth via carbon credits, etc., in their Marxist Utopia.

I came across an interesting quote regarding why the far left worships at the altar of Global Warming:

"Man Made Global Warming is a religion. This is what fills the true religion void of liberals and progressives."

Below is a great little synopsis of the religion of Climate Change and its blind followers:

"Global Warming is no longer a scientific theory for most believers. It has become a primitive form of religion dressed in pseudo-science to make it palatable for the enlightened, intellectual liberals of the 21st century.  Pointing out flaws in the scientific theory or physical evidence against Global Warming will not change their mind because their belief is based on faith.

The enlightened, intellectual liberals of the 21st century live a more comfortable life than 99.99999% of the people that have ever lived, without really doing anything to deserve it.  They feel guilt for this. Because of this guilt, they expect punishment.

This punishment will have to come from an external deity, but they are too enlightened and intellectual and liberal to believe in something primitive like the God of Christianity or other religions. To get around this glaring inconsistency, they place Earth in the role of their god, acting through science.  It's possible to be an enlightened, intellectual liberal AND have absolute blind faith in "science" spewed by Al Gore.

In this religion, the Earth is a god.  Earth provided all of the plants and animals with all the resources they needed.  Nature was in balance and everything was peaceful.  Then Modern Man (western, industrialized) started to provide for himself and raise mankind above all of the other animals.  This was wrong, all blessings should flow from Earth itself.  It is unfair to the other animals for Man to use advanced technology.  Man is supposed to live in his natural state (a stereotypical stone-age villager in harmony with nature).

To punish Man for his evil transgressions, Earth will use weather. No one knows exactly what Earth will do to punish Man, but obviously it's going to be really hot or really cold or hurricanes or floods or something like that. And this mighty punishment is imminent.

The only hope for Man is to get rid of all of this industry and technology and return to a natural state.  Except not exactly the pre-industrialized version of human civilization.  That was violent and unenlightened and patriarchal.  Somehow it all works out so that if you get rid of all the big scary factories, everyone will live in a utopian semi-urban socialist paradise.  Like a cross between Epcot and how liberals imagine Sweden.  Comfort without guilt. Monorails everywhere."

Another great perspective on; Global Warming, Climate Change, and Cap and Trade:

"Businesses are already leaving California in droves due to the high taxes and onerous regulations.  The cap and trade taxes will just be the ticket to induce even more businesses to leave California for greener pastures.  Pretty soon the parasites in the government promoting tax and trade and their co-conspirators (the elitist envirnomentaists) will have successfully killed their host, businesses and the middle class, and California will become a third world nation. 

So much, for caring about the little people, when the left's true agenda is to live in their ivory towers while serfs live in substandard conditions.  However, maybe that is what the left wing environmentalists really want with their anti-technology agenda that is cap and trade.

After all, with all the jobs gone, the poor won't have enough money to use air-conditioning, eat very much, or drive gas engine cars which sounds a lot like the Middle Ages where the left can live in their walled off castles and the rest of us poor schmucks in stone huts with nothing to eat.

Oh I forgot, the Middle Ages had higher temperatures than we have today.  It was called the Medieval Warming Period when Greenland was green and pretty warm compared to today.  That is why the leftist environmentalists are really a bunch of anti-human, elitists who want to force their idea of utopia (which is really hell) on the rest of us while they live in luxury immune from all the misery they are forcing others to live under for no good reason."

Another great perspective on; Global Warming, Climate Change, and Cap and Trade:

"Global Warming has not been PROVEN to be man-caused.  You people have your heads in the sand.  If Global Warming were human-caused, it should have started about 1940 and trended strongly upward as global industrialization followed World War II. That isn't what happened.  The warming started about 1850.  We had a surge of warming from about 1850 to 1870.  We had another surge from 1916 to 1940 and then, when the greenhouse gasses began to spew from the factories; the temperatures went down for 35 years.

1976 to 1998, we had another surge of warming, but we've had no warming in the last 8 years.  So, what we have is an erratic warming that started too soon to be blamed on humans and is not following in the footsteps of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Terribly inconvenient.

Plus none of your supposed mathematical models predicted the weather we're having now.  5 or 6 years ago they were predicting the end of snow fall in Brittan.  None of the models that they use to “prove” it exists predicted snowfall of the magnitude we’ve been getting.  You’re adjusting your theory to fit the results, which essentially makes your theory garbage because it can’t predict squat accurately."

Various Qoutes Regarding California's New Cap and Trade Law

"What the LA Times is apparently missing is the controversy is over WHETHER carbon has any impact on global climates, not which approach to curbing them is better.  Anthropogenic global climate change is a hoax as evidenced by the lengths to which real scientific debate has been suppressed, how the proponents have hidden and destroyed data contrary to their theories and more importantly, how global climates have actually cooled over the last decade as carbon emissions have increased.

That you are missing the main boat is no surprise given the agenda-driven mainstream media.  But as one who clearly remembers the hysteria over in the coming ice age during the 70's from the exact same carbon emissions I can actually learn from history.  When the prophets of doom were proved wrong and climates actually warmed they all rushed in claiming the opposite of what they were claiming before.  Now that they have once again been proven wrong they have reverted to "climate change". How convenient that regardless of the change in climates you can blame man.  Totally ridiculous but somehow completely predictable."

"Leave it to liberals to not only believe they can regulate and tax their way to absolute control over every citizen of California, but to also think they can actually regulate and tax the planet into cooling.  Kinda hard to solve a problem that is either not there, or completely out of any humans' control."

"Cali is already bankrupt - this global warming scam will only fast track the failure of Cali over regulations, over taxing and over spending. Keep on pushing out business to the rest of the US we want the jobs!!!!!"

"The Global Warming story is an intriguing one, but other myths like those from Greece about the gods and goddesses are much more enjoyable (and infinitely less pricey)."

"Tax scheme to redistribute wealth and kneecap capitalism.  All based on a lie.  Climate change, yes, all the time and we have no control over it.  1973, Newsweek: Global Freezing!!!  Thirty years later: Global Warming!!  At all times: The Sky is Falling!!  Quick, tax something!!!!"

"Any time someone starts spouting off to you about global warming, ask them the following question - they will never, ever have an answer, and instead will simply ignore the question.  The earth has gone thru multiple - possibly hundreds - of ice ages. The ice came, hung around for a while - miles deep in places - and then melted after thousands of years.  This is a geological fact.  If global warming is man made, why did the ice melt?  Why were there MULTIPLE ice ages?  It had nothing to do with cell phones, big macs or SUVs, the earth just warmed up.  Its cyclical."

"Many Californians simply can't wait to commit utter financial suicide.  They absolutely will not rest until we have a complete financial collapse.

It was sad but amusing to watch one of Schwarzeneggar's speeches last year, as he explained that the state could not meet payroll beginning that Friday, and would begin paying employees with IOU's (once again).  And then, in the next breath, he began talking about this glorious, $100 billion anti-global warming bill.

He seemed incapable of recognizing what my young children immediately realized: How could we possibly afford this truly massive program if we can't even make a typical, normal payroll? My son also asked me: If California does this and nobody else in the country or the world does it, how could it possibly have any positive impact what-so-ever?

These days, liberals seem to have had a complete break with reality.  In their fierce and ignorant zealotry, they can not see what even children can immediately see.  And there is no discussing things with them, either.  They seem like they have lost their ability (or will?) to reason, or that they have simply lost their minds. It is a little unsettling."

"Global warming is a hoax and a scam, nobody is buying it anymore and you poor libs are angry your plan fell apart.  It's not going to happen libs, it's over, deal with it and go find a new hoax... no, changing the name from global warming to climate change don't cut it, it's still the same hoax and we are onto that game."

"Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud.  The sun is the cause of climate change, not man.  That is reason mars is changing about the same rate as earth."

"Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and is a proven fact. Numerous peer reviewed scientific papers describe CAGW and the effects it is going to have on this planet in the future...

Oh, you mean the goofballs that colluded to ostracize scientists who published opposing views, altered data to suit their hypotheses, and hid or outright destroyed data that conflicted with the Global Warming theory?  That august body of research, which is widely derided as the worst scandal in the scientific community in the modern era?

Here's a hint about how science works: Scientists propose theories, and then those theories are tested, updated, and the results are independently replicated.  Scientists objectively analyse the data, and accept or reject ideas as the data warrants.  As more information becomes available, more experiments are conducted and the body of research grows and often changes as new things are discovered.

Now, here's how religion works: An Authority brings us his Message.  From that point on, as Al says, any debate is over. Anything that contradicts The Message is burned, hidden, ridiculed, and otherwise characterized as evil. Groups of people (like the IPCC) collude to suppress opposition to The Message, and heap praise upon The Authority who brought them The Message.

By the way, if this is a shock to you, try googling Climate Gate or Global Warming Scandal.  Sure it's heresy, but when your done, confess your sins to Al, and for a few carbon credits, he'll absolve you of your doubt."

"This so-called "news article" should have carried the GreenPeace banner instead of Greenspace.

' controversy over how to curb the gases that trap heat in Earth's atmosphere, and change climates.'  This was written with such sophmoric, matter-of-fact authority, even though the science is anything but settled.

Now we have faceless bureaucrats and politicians working together to use "climate change" as an honorable rationale for bilking taxpayers... yet again... out of $billions.  Global Cooling didn't gain traction in the 70s because the earth simply wasn't cooling, so the same group of pseudo-scientific activists switched to Global Warming.  When the earth again failed to follow the script, the boogey man then became Climate Change.

For the truly ignorant, Climate Change is beyond disagreement.  If it's a warmer than usual winter... Climate Change.  If its a colder than usual winter... Climate Change.  If its a perfectly average winter... Climate Change.

There's just too much money at stake for all these scam organizations to walk from, and too much tax revenue at stake for the scam politicians to resist.  Absolutely revolting."

"As Mexico, India, China, other countries don't care about global warming and continue to pollute, we'll kill off our own econonmy to protect earth.  LAME."

Below is a video from several years ago with numerous liberals saying Global Warming would cause less snow during the winter.  Since the winter of 2010 has had record breaking snowfall across the nation, that must mean Global Warming/Climate Change is not true?
"I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress."
Psalm 91:2
"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God."
Psalm 53:1
"They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy."
Jonah 2:8
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