The Process or Definition of Ebay Auction Sniping (Snipeing)

The Process or Definition of Ebay Auction Sniping (Snipeing) is to place a bid in the very last moments of an auction to prevent a bidding war.

There are a few things that I collect and I have become an expert at sniping an auction on Ebay.  I will explain how I do it and maybe you can use it to win a highly sought after item on Ebay that you have your heart fixed on.

I do a search on Ebay for my favorite item and I come across one that I must have.  Unfortunately, several other people are interested as well and the bid currently sits at $95.00.  The auction ends in two days so I will place a bid for $100.00 just to get in the mix.  I will make a note of when the auction will end and I go to Ebay ten minutes before that time.

The bid currently sits at $156.00 and I am willing to pay $300.00 for that item.  Now, if I am willing to pay $300.00 for that item that is how much I will bid with ten seconds left in the auction.  If I were to go ahead and bid $190.00 I would probably lose the auction to somebody who had a higher Maximum Bid.

Let me give you an example from yesterday.  I came across a one of a kind item that I would never see again.  I am an expert in that field and I have never seen a group of these items like this in a single auction.  There were five days left in the auction and somebody had already bid $100.00 on it.  I raised the bid to $150.00 until I was the highest bidder.

I was willing to pay $501.00 for these items so I waited until the appointed day ten minutes before the auction.  The bid was up to $196.00 and I went ahead and put my $501.00 bid in the little window without hitting "Enter."  When the auction got to ten seconds I hit "Enter" and then "Confirm Bid" with about five seconds left in the auction.

I won the auction with a final bid of $350.00.  If I would have bid $275.00 I would have lost my prized collectible.  That is why when the auction gets to ten seconds you place a bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay.

I hope this helps you out when you find something on Ebay that you collect or need.  You will always get the item you want, unless somebody bids for more than you were willing to pay.  It is really disheartening to lose a cherished item in an auction for only $20.00 or $30.00 when you were more than willing to pay more.  Your final bid was considerably less than you were willing to pay and that is the reason you lost the auction. 

Remember, always bid the most you are willing to pay for your final bid with ten seconds left in the auction. 
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