Christian Theology:

Doctrine for Difficult Days
Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Description: Doctrine for Difficult Days is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide that explores biblical doctrine and complex theology in everyday language. Included are discussions on virtually every major doctrine in Scripture. Yet this invaluable book does more than impart knowledge—it’s also an impetus for loving, serving, and obeying God more fully. It will challenge you to apply biblical teachings to daily life, helping you to live out your faith in new and deeper ways.

Systematic Theology
Charles Hodge
Description: The magnum opus of one of America's most prominent theologians offers an in-depth exploration of theology, anthropology, soteriology, and eschatology.  This monumental work, now a standard for theological students, was written while Hodge served as a professor at Princeton, where he permanently influenced American Christianity as a teacher, preacher, and exegete.  Includes a comprehensive index.

The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth
R. A. Torrey, A. C. Dixon
Description: By the turn of the 20th century, new "modern" and liberal teachings (such as Evolution, Higher Criticism, rejection of the reliability of the Bible and rejection of the deity of Christ) had begun to have a serious influence on American churches, provoking debate across the country. In 1909, two Christian laymen, oil magnates Lyman and Milton Stewart, set aside money for the publication of a group of articles, written by well-known orthodox Protestant scholars, spelling out the fundamentals (or essential doctrines for salvation) of the Christian faith...These articles defend each of the essential doctrines then perceived to be under attack, and cover such things as the inspiration of Scripture, the virgin birth, deity and substitutionary atonement of Christ, and a host of others.

Systematic Theology: Volume 1
Norman Geisler
Description: First of four volumes in Dr. Geisler's Systematic Theology. This volume is perhaps the most important and unique of the four because it provides the often-overlooked preconditions to do theology (Prolegomena) as well as evidence for the truth of the Bible (Bibliology).

Systematic Theology: Volume 2
Dr. Norman Geisler
Description: SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY is a career-defining work written with both modern and postmodern concerns and challenges in mind. VOLUME TWO begins with an examination of the realities of the existence of God and His nature by focusing on His attributes, such as His life and immortality, unity and trinity, and more. From there, Geisler explores the believer?s response to these attributes with heart, mind, and strength.

Systematic Theology Volume 3: Sin and Salvation
Dr. Norman Geisler
Description: An esteemed modern theologian offers this thorough study of sin and salvation, including an in-depth analysis of applicable theories and doctrines.

Systematic Theology: Volume 4: Church/Last Things
Norman Geisler
Description: This culminating volume of Systematic Theology begins with ecclesiology, the study of the miracle of Christ’s church (local and universal, visible and invisible), examining its origin, nature, government, ordinances, ministry, and relation to the state. The next section, Last Things (eschatology), is an indepth study that includes resurrection, final status of the saved and the lost, theories of purgatory and annihilationism, interpretation of prophecy, the millennium, the tribulation, Christ’s return, and the kingdom of God.

Who Is God?
Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Description: Dr. J. Vernon McGee explores the question Who is God? with both reason and reverence in this thoroughly biblical look at the nature and character of God. Never offering pat answers, he addresses the hard questions asked by both believers and nonbelievers without diminishing the mystery and majesty of the God of the universe.  This is hands down the best book on the nature of God I have ever read.


Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
Norman L. Geisler
Description: Dr. Geisler's magnum opus draws on nearly a half-century of study, research, writing, & teaching apologetics. Provides clear, usable articles on virtually every significant person & topic related to apologetics. An absolute treasure! If you could only get one book, this would be it.

Big Book of Bible Difficulties, The: Clear and Concise Answers from Genesis to Revelation
Norman L. Geisler
Description: This comprehensive volume offers readers clear and concise answers to every major Bible difficulty from Genesis to Revelation, staunchly defending the authority and inspiration of Scripture. Written in a problem/solution format, the book covers over 800 questions that critics and doubters raise about the Bible.

Historical Jesus
Dr. Gary Habermas
Description: Dr. Habermas has written one of the best books of historical evidences for the historical Jesus in print. Includes evidence from non-Christian sources, archaeology, and support for the reliability of primary sources.

When Critics Ask
Norman L. Geisler & Thomas Howe
Description: Expanded and updated version of a book that should be in everyone's library. Many other verses have been answered to the over 800 difficult Bible passages addressed in the first edition. Identifies 17 common mistakes critics make when attacking the Bible. An absolute must for every serious student of the Bible

When Cultists Ask
Norman L. Geisler & Ron Rhodes
Description: The most comprehensive, user-friendly guide to refuting cultic misinterpretations of Scripture anywhere. Refutes interpretations of Boston movement, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Word of Faith, Christian Science, Islam, Hindu, Oneness Pentecostal, etc.

When Skeptics Ask
Norman L. Geisler & Ron Brooks
Description: Answers skeptics' questions including: God, Jesus Christ, Evil, Miracles, the Bible, Truth, Morality, Evolution, Archeology. The most concise book of Christian evidences anywhere.

Christian Apologetics
Norman L. Geisler
Description: The case for Christianity from the ground up. Investigates the seven possible world views and concludes with a defense of the Christian world view.

True for You, But Not for Me
Paul Copan
Description: In "True for You, But Not for Me," Paul Copan deals with some of the common slogans that Christians commonly hear but are often unable to intelligently answer: "That's true for you but not for me," "You shouldn't judge others," "Who are you to impose your morality on others?" or "Christians are intolerant of others." This book is a response to the corrosive influences of relativism and religious pluralism, which are challenges that believers will increasingly face. It helps the reader to probe the loaded assumptions behind these slogans.

Who Moved the Stone?
Dr. Frank Morison
Description: The author began to write this book with the intention of disproving the Resurrection but found instead that the evidence supported the biblical story. This recognized classic is an examination of his research and the evidence he found.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
Norman Geisler
Description: Truly unique work that's not only comprehensive but easy to read. Geisler and Turek have written the only book that builds the case for Christianity from the ground up--it's the 12 Points in a book! Challenging for skeptics, engaging for seekers, and affirming for Christians.

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
Josh McDowell
Description: Bestselling author and Christian apologist Josh McDowell hopes The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict will further document historical evidence of the Christian faith.  As such, it is a straightforward compilation of notes prepared for his lecture series, "Christianity: Hoax or History?"  The entire book (over 750 pages) is laid out in outline form, which makes it easier for researchers, scholars, and students to access.  As a result, this is not reflective fireside reading.  Rather, it is a tool for locating supporting "evidence" whenever the need arises.

Christianity and Liberalism
J. Gresham Machen
Description: Machen's classic defense of orthodox Christianity establishes the importance of scripural doctrine and contrasts the teachings of liberalism and orthodoxy on God and man, the Bible, Christ, salvation, and the church. Though originally published nearly seventy years ago, the book maintains its relevance today.

Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions About the Christian Faith
Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino
Description: Truly unique work that uses scores of charts and illustrations to clarify rock solid truths regarding: the origin of life, good vs. evil, heaven and hell, the deity of Jesus, modern ethical issues, and others.  Information you can teach!

Creating God in the Image of Man?
Norman L. Geisler
Description: Examines a dangerous trend among many evangelical scholars that makes serious revisions in the classical, historic, and reformation view of God.

Why One Way?
John MacArthur
Description: A concise guide to understanding how and why the ancient Christian faith makes sense for today and a blueprint for communicating truth to a “truthless” and cynical generation.  The book is centered around 6 key principles: objectivity, rationality, veracity, authority, incompatibility and integrity.  In the ultimate apologetic, John MacArthur presents a case for Christianity that serves as a logical explanation as much as a solid defense.

Jesus Among Other Gods
Ravi Zacharias
Description: "The reality is that if religion is to be treated with intellectual respect, then it must stand the test of truth, regardless of the mood of the day. This book is a defense of the uniqueness of the Christian message." Thus begins Ravi's most important work to date in which he contrasts the truth of Jesus Christ with the teachings of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Deliver Us From Evil
Ravi Zacharias
Description: In this insightful book, author Ravi Zacharias forcefully issues a grave warning to those nations "so imbued with strength, so splendidly attractive, so rich in resources" -and so blind to the source of evil dwelling in their midst. Zacharias writes that despite the wealth, advancements and intelligence of our western culture, we are "living with great philosophical risk, not pausing to uncover, even for a moment, the ramifications for the soul."

Can Man Live Without God?
Ravi Zacharias
Description: Ravi Zacharias speaks to the college students and the intellectual and international leaders of today. He challenges both seekers and believers by examining the ultimate questions: Does God exist? Who is Jesus? What gives life meaning? His powerful arguments, compelling logic, and sincere compassion will give you fresh insight into the existence of God."

A Shattered Visage: The Real Face of Atheism
Ravi Zacharias
Description: Drawing from a wide range of philosophy and history, Ravi Zacharias presents a compelling analysis of the rational and existential bankruptcy of life without God. Touching both heart and mind, he offers, with intellectual integrity and evangelical strength, a persuasive defense of how Jesus Christ brings purpose and meaning to an individual life.

The Testimony of the Evangelists: The Gospels Examined by the Rules of Evidence
Simon Greenleaf
Description: Applying the rules of evidence administered in courts of justice, Greenleaf demonstrates the validity of the Gospels as trustworthy and authoritative historical accounts in this time-honored work.


Darwin's Black Box The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
Michael J. Behe
Description: Michael Behe, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, argues that the most convincing evidence for design is not to be found in the stars or the fossils, but in biochemical systems. In this very readable layman's guide to biochemistry, Behe uses examples such as vision, blood-clotting, and cellular transport to demonstrate that life comprises an astonishing array of chemical machines, made up of finely calibrated, interdependent parts that defy current naturalistic explanations.

Darwin on Trial
Phillip Johnson
Description: Here is the book that has shaken the scientific establishment. From fossil evidence to molecular biology, Phillip E. Johnson offers a careful, reasoned evaluation of the support for Darwinism.

Defeating Darwinism By Opening Minds
Phillip Johnson
Description: This short book is intended for older high school and beginning college students, along with the parents, teachers, and youth workers. It explains the tricks of logic and the loaded definitions which Darwinists use to protect their theory from critical examination, and exposes the materialist philosophy that lies concealed underneath the so-called "fact" of evolution.

The Battle for the Beginning
John MacArthur
Description: In The Battle for the Beginning, John MacArthur explores the creation-evolution debate, and most important, walks you step by step through the Bible’s own account of the origin of the universe. Thoroughly researched, well documented, and easy to read, this new volume tackles the tough questions and equips you to face the battle being waged inside and outside the church.


The Gospel According to Rome
James G. McCarthy
Description: Written from a perspective of a former Roman Catholic, and endorsed by those who have been involved with the church (priests,nuns, ect.), McCarthy leaves few stones unturned.  Though many Catholics today are trying to change things, the fact remains that the Pope is still the boss, vicar, and head of a false church.  Martin Luther tried to change it in the sixteenth century, but as he found, the only way for a true Christian to respond to the Papacy is to GET OUT, and find a Bible Believing church.

Geese in their Hoods: Selected Writings on Roman Catholicism
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Timothy F. Kauffman (Editor),
Description: How refreshing to see in print a wonderful compilation of Spurgeon's comments on the Church of Rome.  Of course, Spurgeon lived in a time when the horrors inflicted upon Protestants by Rome were still a fresh part of collective memory.  The writings in this volume serve to remind us that ideas have consequences, and the threat to peace and civil society from the whitewashed tombs of Rome are just as real in our day as in Spurgeon's.

The Facts on Roman Catholicism
John Ankerberg, John Weldon
Description: What does the Catholic Church teach concerning salvation and justification? What are sacraments and how do they function in the life of Catholics? Learn the facts about what Roman Catholicism teaches and how it compares to Protestantism.

New Foxes Book of Martyrs
John Foxe
Description: Whenever someone opens this book, they are grabbing a shovel, and with each passing chapter exhuming a new skeleton. The Church of Rome would be very pleased if these bones would remain peacefully buried in their churchyard caskets, but alas, what was done in the darkness is now revealed in the light.

No true Christian can fully ignore the brutality, the racks, the searing fires, the strangulations, thumbscrews, beheadings, spearings, and crucifixions that the early Christian martyrs endured for the sake of spreading the Gospel seed.


The Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism
Norman L. Geisler, Frank Beckwith, Ron Rhodes, Phil Roberts, and Gerald & Sandra Tanner
Description: Dr. Geisler teams-up with Frank Beckwith, Ron Rhodes, Phil Roberts, and Gerald & Sandra Tanner to refute the counterfeit gospel of Mormonism.

The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon
Ron Rhodes
Description: Fact-filled, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing, this book provides essential information to enable you to effectively witness biblical truths to people led astray by the false teachings of the Mormon Church.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons
Ron Rhodes
Description: Have the Mormons ever left you unsure of what to say?  Their arguments often seem convincing, and their stand on what they believe is firm.  How can you effectively communicate to the Mormons that their gospel does not match up with the Bible? One of the best ways is to ask strategic, penetrating questions.


The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Jehovah's Witness
Ron Rhodes
Description: Fact-filled, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing, this book provides essential information to enable you to effectively witness biblical truths to people led astray by the false teachings of the Watchtower Society.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses
Ron Rhodes
Description: Nine out of 10 Christians don't know how to answer a Jehovah's Witness. Do you?  Cult expert Dr. Walter Martin once said the average Jehovah's Witness can make a "doctrinal pretzel" out of the average Christian in about 30 seconds.


Answering Islam
Norman L. Geisler & Abdul Saleeb
Description: Dr. Geisler and a converted Muslim examine and answer the claims of Islam. Includes a Christian response to basic Muslim beliefs and a defense of Christianity.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims
Ron Rhodes
Description: This powerfully written book provides everything the Christian needs to know about Islam and how to witness to Muslims.

Terrorism, Jihad, and the Bible
John MacArthur
Description: September 11, 2001 saw the deadliest attack ever launched on American soil, leaving us asking questions such as: Why did God permit such a thing to happen? Was the attack a divine judgment or was it merely an atrocity perpetrated by the forces of evil? How can human beings be capable of such diabolical savagery in the name of religion?

Word Faith Movement:

Christianity in Crisis
Hank H. Hanegraaff
Description: When the book Christianity in Crisis was released it instantly became a bestseller. The vast majority expressed appreciation for this landmark work--yet some found it difficult to accept that anyone within the body of Christ could make the bizarre and blasphemous statements documented in the book.

A Different Gospel: Biblical and Historical Insights into the Word of Faith Movement
Dan R. McConnell, Hank H. Hanegraaff
Description: Every Christian should read this book in order to be aware of the dangerous implications of the widespread and cultic Word of Faith movement preaching what is popularly known as "Name It and Claim It" theology.

The Facts on the Faith Movement
John Ankerberg, John Weldon
Description: The growing and much-publicized Word-Faith movement has influenced literally thousands of churches and millions of Christians. Exactly what does the Word-Faith movement teach, and why should we be concerned?

Charismatic Chaos
John F. MacArthur
Description: This bestseller offers a thorough study of recent trends in the charismatic movement--trends that are a source of curiosity and controversy worldwide.  From speaking in tongues to the most extreme aberrations, this timely analysis brings contemporary charismatic doctrine under the scrutiny of God's Word.

Christian Issues:

The Other Side of the River
Kevin reeves
Description: A compelling and deeply personal account of a young man's spiritual plunge into a movement called the "River." Sometimes referred to as the River Revival, the Third Wave or the Latter Rain, this movement is marked by bizarre manifestations, false prophecies and esoteric revelations. Warnings of divine retribution hold many adherents in a bondage of fear, making them afraid to speak out or even question those things they are taught and are witness to. In a biographical setting, The Other Side of the River, is a powerful and needed warning to the body of Christ.

Counterfeit Revival
Hank H. Hanegraaff
Description: As incredible as it may seem, the very principles used by cult leaders are today employed in literally thousands of churches worldwide. Tactics once relegated to the ashrams of cults are now replicated at the altars of churches. Now you can judge for yourself as you listen to leaders of this great apostasy as they speak for themselves in the audio version of the bestseller Counterfeit Revival.

A Call for Discernment
Jay E. Adams
Description: Spiritual discernment is critical in our times of false teachers. This work helps to determine what is God’s truth and offers examples on how to apply it.

“I Just Wanted More Land” — Jabez
Gary E. Gilley
Description: A pithy and perceptive analysis of Bruce Wilkinson’s mega-bestseller, The Prayer of Jabez. A warning against the danger of the poor Bible interpretations of Wilkinson.

Strange Fire?
Eric E. Wright
Description: This book takes a biblical look at the Toronto Blessing and the Vineyard movement.  It is the best book that I have ever read on the subject.  Pastor Wright truly has a pastor's heart in his examination of this movement.  I can not imagine why this great book is out of print.

God Told Me to Tell You
Robert L Whitworth
Description: An expose on the "Word of Knowledge" as it is being misused today!  Men today are having a heyday running around telling people that they have a "word from God."  Those in error call this a word of knowledge.  They are wrong and out of balance no matter how big they are considered in the Kingdom.  Christians everywhere are being confused and wounded.  This must stop!  Pastor Robert L Whitworth has been an Assembly of God pastor for over 30 years.

Hard to Believe
Dr. John MacArthur
Description: In contrast to the superficiality of much modern Christian teaching, Dr. John MacArthur serves up the unvarnished truth of what Christ taught and lived. In simple, compelling terms, he spells out what is required of those who would follow Him.

Reckless Faith: When the Church Loses Its Will to Discern
John F. MacArthur
Description: In a society that is hostile to anyone who declares absolutes, that tolerates faith in any form, that values emotion over reason and trendiness over conviction, it's no suprise that many American chuches have lost their ability to discern between biblical truth and doctrinal error.

Ashamed of the Gospel
John F. MacArthur
Description: In Ashamed of the Gospel, John MacArthur offers a biblical analysis of the user-friendly philosophy of ministry and church growth that is sweeping through many congregations.

Our Sufficiency In Christ
John F. MacArthur
Description: One of America's most respected pastors looks at how true spiritual resources have been displaced by mysticism, pragmatism and psychology, and gives the church a renewed understanding of what it means to be complete in Christ.


The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mason
Ron Rhodes
Description: Fact-filled, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing, this book provides essential information to enable you to effectively witness biblical truths to people led astray by the false teachings of the Masonic Lodge

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Masons
Ron Rhodes
Description: Masons establish and maintain children's hospitals, provide free medical treatment to needy children, work actively in their communities, and promote high moral standards.  Unfortunately, these activities do not reveal the true religious nature of Masonry.


On Prophecy
Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Description: In On Prophecy, Dr. J. Vernon McGee demystifies biblical prophecy—showing exactly what will unfold in the final days and what role every Christian must play. For everyone who hungers to understand God’s plan for the future…for everyone who yearns to be reassured that God is in control…here truly is bountiful hope for the spirit.

Reference Sets:

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume
Matthew Henry
Description: This is the only complete and unabridged one volume edition of Matthew Henry's famous work. Includes the entire text of Matthew Henry's original multi-volume commentary, modern easy to read type, portable, attracitve and affordable.

Edited Messages On The Bible
Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Description: Based on Dr. McGee' s popular 5-year radio program, these edited messages are invaluable. Studies of each of the Bible books are preceded by an introduction and outline. Each chapter is examined through a careful, paragraph-by-paragraph discussion. Because the Bible speaks to hearts in a way that no other book can, the text of the Scripture being discussed is included.

Matthew Poole's Commentary on the Holy Bible
Matthew Poole
Description: Perhaps the only true rival to Matthew Henry! Charles Spurgeon said, "If I must have only one commentary, and had read Matthew Henry as I have, I do not know but what I should choose Poole. He is a very prudent and judicious commentator . . . not so pithy and witty by far as Matthew Henry, but he is perhaps more accurate, less a commentator, and more an expositor."

Treasury of David
Charles Spurgeon
Description: This work has long been prized for its theological insight and practical help. To Spurgeon's own commentary on every verse of the Psalms he added quotes from hundreds of commentators to enlarge the reader's understanding of Scripture. Homiletical hints, along with sermon outlines and provocative seed thoughts, spark the preacher's imagination.

Unger's Commentary on the Old Testament
Merrill F. Unger
Description: A commentary on the Old Testament.

The New Unger's Bible Dictionary
R.K. Harrison (Editor), Merrill F. Unger (Editor)
Description: More than 6,700 entries are included in this dictionary, supplemented with detailed essays, colorful photography and maps, and dozens of charts and illustrations to enhance your understanding of God's Word.

Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary Of Old And New Testament Words : With Topical Index
W. E. Vine (Author), Merrill F. Unger (Author)
Description: Study the meaning of biblical words in the original language--without a single lesson in Greek or Hebrew. This classic has helped busy people dig deeper into the meaning of the bibical text by explaining over 6,000 key biblical words. It is organized so it can become at once a dictionary, a commentary, and a concordance.

A Popular Survey of the Old Testament
Norman L. Geisler
Description: Concisely explains book of the Old Testament and how it fits in with the overall theme of the Bible. So good it's past its 20th printing!

The MacArthur Bible Handbook
John MacArthur
Description: The MacArthur Bible Handbook is the ultimate book-by-book survey of the Bible, and includes charts, graphs, and illustrations. This unique reference tool will help you easily understand each book of the Bible, its historical context, and its place in Scripture.

New Unger's Bible Handbook
Merrill Frederick Unger
Description: This eminent Bible guide has been revised to provide you the most up-to-date, conservative archaeological and theological research in readable, usable style. It remains the one book indispensable to quality study, a rich treasury of Bible information.

Church Growth:

This Little Church Went to Market
Gary E. Gilley
Description: This publication takes on pragmatism in the Church namely how the Christian community has moved from being Scripture-based to being market-driven.

Ashamed of the Gospel
John F. MacArthur
Description: In Ashamed of the Gospel, John MacArthur offers a biblical analysis of the user-friendly philosophy of ministry and church growth that is sweeping through many congregations.

Famine In The Land
Steven J. Lawson
Description: As the church is called upon to meet the unique needs of the emerging post-modern culture, the pressure to create bottom line results has led many ministries to sacrifice the centrality of biblical preaching on the altar of human pragmatism.  Many churches today have traded the pulpit for a stage -- a venue for church-growth techniques and vaudeville-like pageantries.  The result is a malnourished community starved for truth. Spiritual famine has hit the land.

Hard to Believe
Dr. John MacArthur
Description: In contrast to the superficiality of much modern Christian teaching, Dr. John MacArthur serves up the unvarnished truth of what Christ taught and lived. In simple, compelling terms, he spells out what is required of those who would follow Him.

Fools Gold
Dr. John MacArthur
Description: In an age of open-mindedness, many believers accept too much with too little discernment, resulting in great confusion and compromise.  But God’s Word makes it clear that not everything that glitters is gold.  False teaching is at every turn, and the temptation to embrace it is great.  As God’s people we are called to sift through the overwhelming number of traditions and trends and use the truth of Scripture to determine which are the true treasures—and which are "fool’s gold."


What the Bible Says About Parenting
John MacArthur
Description: This book offers a timely, in-depth survey of trends affecting today's Christian homes and provides a well-organized, biblical model that mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and children can follow for raising a family.

Spiritual Parenting
C. H. Spurgeon Description:
"If you're looking for a lot of good thoughts on parenting, teaching, and children, this book is incredible. I've never underlined so many thought provoking passages. It is particularly strong on the value of teaching children. It's a great source of quotes."

What a Daughter Needs From Her Dad: How a Man Prepares His Daughter for Life
Michael Farris
Description: To encourage and guide men in becoming the dads they want to be, Michael Farris addresses issues common in all families with daughters: friends, dating, personal appearance, and preparing for the roles she’ll have as a woman. Michael Farris challenges fathers to take their unique opportunity to train daughters for life’s challenges—in ways that only a dad can. Originally published as How a Man Prepares His Daughters for Life, it now includes new material on relating to an adult daughter.


Whose Money Is It Anyway?
John MacArthur
Description: It is a well researched biblical presentation on how we should view money. It presents the reasons that we should seek to honor God completely with our saving, spending and giving decisions.

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
Dave Ramsey
Description: Radio talk-show host and bestselling author Ramsey (Financial Peace) is less a financial analyst and more of a preacher, which explains both his popularity and the appeal of this book, which just might gain a wide audience. The bedrock of his system is simple: work hard, pay what you owe and stay out of debt. His main commandment is "Pay cash." He first exhorts the reader to take "baby steps," which are designed to build on each other: first, save $1,000 as an emergency fund; then, pay off all debts from smallest to largest; save a larger three-to-six-month emergency fund; finally, start to save for college and pay off your home mortgage. Ramsey understands the difficulty in putting these steps into action, and therefore packs his book with personal testimonials from everyday people who have used his system and have become debt free, with obvious struggles.

Bible Maps & Charts

Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2
Decription: The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes. This is the second volume to the best-selling Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines.

Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines
Description: "A comprehensive illustrated time line of biblical events and church history. Constructed as a single, 20-foot-long, accordion-folded panel, this time line begins with a chart illustrating the lifelines of early Genesis characters from Adam to Abraham, then follows the biblical story beginning with Abraham circa 2166 B.C.E. The work is comprised of two parallel portions: The upper part follows biblical and Christian history, while the bottom covers a wide-ranging and representative set of dates and events for corresponding world history from both the East and West."

Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps with CD-Rom: Bible Atlas with Clear Plastic Overlays of Modern Cities and Countries.
Description: Deluxe Then and Now Bible Map Book includes full-color Bible maps with clear-plastic overlays that show modern cities and countries. This is the deluxe version of the #1 bestselling Bible Atlas in the U.S. in 2007. It includes twice as many pages as the original version, plus a CD-ROM of all the maps. The bestselling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Map Book brings new relevance to your studies and teaching, and to compare Bible times and modern-day maps.


PFO Quarterly Journal
Description: This periodical carries articles and editorials on current
cult-related topics, errant teachings within Christianity, book reviews, personal testimonies and brief news items on cult matters.

Various Topics:

The Five Points of Calvinism
George L. Bryson
Description:  I found this book incredibly simple to comprehend, yet insightful and convincing. This is a manageable, well-balanced read for anyone interested in a critique of Calvinism. Without name-calling George Bryson presents a structured, Bible-based presentation of Calvinism's inconsistencies.  It should be noted that I neither subscribe to nor wish to defend Arminianism by disagreeing with Calvinism.

Forgotten Spurgeon
Iain Hamish Murray
Description: This book seeks to throw light on the reasons which have given rise to the superficial image of Spurgeon as a genial Victorian pulpiteer, a kind of grandfather of modern evangelicalism.

Spurgeon Vs Hyper Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching
Iain Hamish Murray
Description: In this book, Murray gives us the historical account of the legendary prince of preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon against extreme Calvinist who saw no need to preach the gospel to all men since only the elect would be saved and that by God's sovereign choice. While Spurgeon agreed that God predestined men to salvation he also believed that the gospel was to be preached to all men, allowing the Holy Spirit to draw men to Christ, and that it was through the medium of preaching that men are saved (1 Cor. 1:18-25).

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23
W. Phillip Keller
Description: With a true shepherd's experience and insight, Phillip Keller leads the reader to remarkable places: to the greenest pastures of discovery and the coolest waters of fulfillment hidden in Psalm 23, the "Shepherd Psalm."  Great rewards of pleasure and enlightenment await all who open this book and follow Mr. Keller's careful lead.  All who make this exciting journey will rediscover the expressions of love that Christ, the Great Shepherd, extends to us "the sheep of His pastures."

Thoughts for Young Men
John Charles Ryle, J.C. Ryle
Description: There are four great temptations that plague most young men: sloth, lust, love of pleasure, and peer pressure. J.C. Ryle -- the last of the great Puritans -- tackles each of these subjects with a tenderness and tact which is unsurpassed.  First written toward the end of the nineteenth century, it remains to this day the most relevant and helpful book on the subject in print.

Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots
J. C. Ryle
Description: With his trademark candor, J.C. Ryle strips away the gaudy ornamentation that many confuse for holiness, and systematically unfolds the true beauty of what it means to adorn the doctrine of God our Savior. Deep, rich, and penetrating, this timeless classic is quite simply profound. And this edition-the first unabridged edition in decades, if not since the original-includes a foreword by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and an exhaustive index of Scripture.

Old Paths
J. C. Ryle
Description: It was the prophet Jeremiah who first used the expression 'old paths' and assured those who followed them that they would find 'rest for their souls' Jeremiah 6:16.  J. C. Ryle was of the same conviction and wrote: 'The longer I live the more I am convinced that the world needs no new Gospel, as some profess to think.  I am thoroughly persuaded that the world needs nothing but bold, full, unflinching teaching of the 'old paths.'

Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000
Iain Hamish Murray, Ian H. Murray
Description: Iain Murray's history of the change within evangelicalism over the last 50 years is both impressive and frightening.  He shows how decisions by some noted evangelical leaders in Britain and the U.S. for the sake of "unity" or "results" have compromised the church and watered down the message of the Gospel.  This helps us see why so many claim to be beleivers in Christ, and yet there is so little impact on lives and on our culture.

New Testament Teaching on Tongues: A Biblical and Historical Survey
Merrill F. Unger
Description: Discussions and disagreements abound among Christians over the nature and place of the gift of tongues.  Few writers are more qualified to examine the biblical evidence concerning this topic than Dr. Merrill F. Unger, one of the last century's most widely recognized Bible scholars and seminary professors.

Experiencing God's Presence
Matthew Henry
Description: With chapters such as "Morning Prayers", "Spending the Day with God", "Opportunities for Waiting on God" and "Closing the Day with God" -- the author makes a wonderful case for living a life that is truly in the presence of God every moment.

Light in the Shadow of Jihad
Ravi Zacharias
Description: As tragedy shattered our world in the name of religion, we found ourselves as a nation crying out to God or against the very idea of God. Amidst the rubble and smoky debris the angst of our human hearts surfaced.

The Lotus and the Cross
Ravi Zacharias
Description: The Lotus and the Cross depicts a conversation between Jesus and Buddha set against the backdrop of a woman struggling with a deadly disease. What would Jesus and Buddha say to each other? How would each of them respond to the misery of a sick woman? Come along on an imaginary boat ride as these two eminent figures discuss life, suffering, and redemption.

Sense and Sensuality
Ravi Zacharias
Description: Why would God create us with hungers we were never supposed to satisfy? Join the witty and ingenious Oscar Wilde - playwright, dramatist, poet, and critic who committed his life to pleasure and beauty - as he engages in a candid interchange on beauty, personal freedom, imagination, and truth with the person of Jesus. With its distinctive dramatic format, this small book makes a longstanding debate both approachable and vivid.

The Pilgrim's Progress
John Bunyan
Description: "The Pilgrim's Progress" is a classic Christian text written by John Bunyan. Written in an allegorical format, the two-part story focuses first on "Christian", then on his wife "Christiana" and sons. Convicted of their own sinfulness, the characters set out on the journey to salvation at the Heavenly Gate. Characters such as "Honesty", "Great-Heart", and "Faithful" aid the pilgrims on their journey, whereas they face trials from the Slough of Despond, Vanity Fair, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Legislating Morality: Is it Wise? Is it Legal? Is it Possible?
Frank Turek and Norman Geisler
Description: In an easy to read style, this book shows how to win the debate for moral legislation in the public square. Geisler and Turek debunk the myths about legislating morality and refute liberal positions on homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia without quoting Bible verses. WINNER OF THE GOLD MEDALLION AWARD!

The Prayer Of Jesus
Hank Hanegraaff
Description: This book is Hank Hanegraaff's answer to "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson. It is not ONLY an answer to Jabez, it is also a great book on prayer. But the small size and similar shape and quick readability of "The Prayer of Jesus" makes it perfect to hand someone who has swallowed the Jabez trend hook, line, and sinker.

The Third Day
Hank Hanegraaff
Description: The foundation of Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is defended in detail in this powerful work from author Hank Hanegraaff’s bestseller Resurrection.  Factual evidences are examined, from the fatal torment and empty tomb to Christ’s appearances and transformation.

The Beatitudes: The Only Way to Happiness
John MacArthur Jr.
Description: John MacArthur's treatment of the beatitudes, and their application for an improved spiritual life, is a "must read" for all who profess the Christian faith. Mr. MacArthur pulls no punches in his interpretation, and strives to demonstrate the importance of Matthew 5:3-11 in our daily walk with Christ.  

Josephus, the Essential Works
Paul L. Maier
Description: As the primary source of additional information about events in the Old and New Testaments, Jewish An-tiquities & The Jewish War by Josephus take on a brilliant new dimension with full-color photographs of many of the places & artifacts cited in these works.

The Soulwinner
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Description: There is not a better source for inspiration and guidance of a minister today than to sit at the feet of such a great soul winner as Charles Spurgeon and learn from him the essentials of evangelism.

New Foxes Book of Martyrs
John Foxe
Description: Whenever someone opens this book, they are grabbing a shovel, and with each passing chapter exhuming a new skeleton. The Church of Rome would be very pleased if these bones would remain peacefully buried in their churchyard caskets, but alas, what was done in the darkness is now revealed in the light.
No true Christian can fully ignore the brutality, the racks, the searing fires, the strangulations, thumbscrews, beheadings, spearings, and crucifixions that the early Christian martyrs endured for the sake of spreading the Gospel seed.
Every Christian should read the gruesome stories beginning with stoning of Steven and continuing on into the ages of the Protestant reformation and hideous inquisitions devised by Satan to "purge" the fruit of Jesus Christ from this world.
Every born-again believer in Christ should know the story of William Tyndale, and the price he paid so the world could have an English New Testament.

Ready With An Answer
John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Description: Be better equipped to present biblical accuracies to people desiring reliable answers. This volume presents in-depth research and study.

Lord, Teach Me to Pray
John MacArthur
Description: Rekindle Your Passion for Prayer And Your Love for Your Heavenly Father.  God longs for you to communicate with Him, telling Him all the issues of your heart.  But specifically, how do you pray? Is there a right way and a wrong way?

Can God Bless America?
John MacArthur
Description: America wants God’s blessing but not God. Our nation has systematically pushed Him out of the national consciousness—rejecting biblical morality, ignoring His Word, and relying on the political and entertainment arenas for moral guidance. As a result abortion, homosexuality, drug abuse, divorce, and pornography runs rampant.

Lost Boy: My Story
Greg Laurie
Descritption: Greg Laurie had everything going against him in life. Born out of wedlock, Greg spent his childhood living with his aunts, grandparents and a two stints in military school when not living with his seven-time divorced alcoholic mother. Searching for meaning and purpose in his life, Greg immersed himself in partying and later drug experimentation all which only added to his meaningless existence. At the age of 17,unexpectedly,Greg Laurie became a Christian.

World Religions:

Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
Norman L. Geisler
Description: Dr. Geisler's magnum opus draws on nearly a half-century of study, research, writing, & teaching apologetics. Provides clear, usable articles on virtually every significant person & topic related to apologetics. An absolute treasure! If you could only get one book, this would be it.

The Kingdom of the Cults
Walter Martin (Be sure to get this edition with Hank Hanegraaff as the editor because it has the false Word Faith/Prosperity Gospel in it that later versions removed.)
Description: This book will continue as a crucial tool in countercult ministry and in evangelism for years to come. Among cults and religions included are: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, New Age Cults, the Unification Church, Baha’i Faith, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and more.

Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs
John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Description: This major encyclopedic work is specially designed to help you understand the broad spectrum of New Age beliefs and how they compare with traditional Christian beliefs and practices.

Handbook of Today's Religions
Josh Mcdowell & Don Stewart
Description: Don't rely on news stories or a one-sided defense of cults, the occult, or secular and non-Christian religions. This handbook provides authoritative, evangelical perspectives on alternative religions. It includes thorough, accurate information for analyzing and measuring these groups' claims and beliefs against God's Word.

DVD Movies:

St. John in Exile
Description:  If you are a Christian I implore you to buy this great dvd!  If you do watch this dvd you will not be sorry my friend.  Again, buy this dvd and you will be moved to tears and laughter and nearly every other emotion.

The Many Faces of Benny Hinn
Decription:  A compilation of major news media’s investigative exposes, crusade clips, Praise the Lord  and This is Your Day film clips exposing the escapades of the controversial faith healer, Benny Hinn.

Description: Luther is the story of a spiritual leader, German monk Martin Luther (Joseph Fiennes), in opposition to the religious orthodoxy of the time (in his case, the 1500s). His goal--to bring God to the people and to take money, fear, and shame out of the equation--made him a reformer to some, a heretic to others.

A Man Called Peter
Description:  Richard Todd delivers a thoroughly winning performance as Peter Marshall, the Scottish-born minister who became Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. While still a boy, Peter wants only to go to sea. But as a young man he experiences a profound awakening which leaves him with the unwavering conviction that he has been called upon to do the Lord's work. He completes his religious training in the United States, where he presides over several congregations.

The Bible ... In the Beginning
Description: The greatest stories of the Old Testament are brought to the screen with astounding scope and power in this international film which depicts the first 22 chapters of Genesis. This is the spectacular story of man's creation, his fall, his survival and his indomitable faith in the future. From the film's opening amidst cosmic chaos, to its lingering message of hope and salvation, "The Bible" stands as a monumental motion picture achievement.

The Ten Commandments
Description: Legendary silent film director Cecil B. DeMille didn't much alter the way he made movies after sound came in, and this 1956 biblical drama is proof of that.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Description:  Big science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom ... What they forgot is that every generation has its Rebel! That rebel, Ben Stein (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) travels the world on his quest, and learns an awe-inspiring truth … that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for the crime of merely believing that there might be evidence of design in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance.

Description: A feel-good drama, Fireproof has a strong agenda: stay married, lead an honest life, and let your faith in a higher power help guide you. A still boyish-looking Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) stars as Caleb Holt, a mercurial-tempered firefighter whose marriage is on the rocks. He clearly enjoys his status as a hero, but it comes at the expense of his marriage. His wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) is tired of the distance and wants him to make more of an effort at home, rather than surf porn on the Internet and hoard his earnings toward his dream fishing boat instead of helping out her disabled mother. Faced with impending divorce, Caleb's dad challenges him to follow the "40-day love dare," in which each task (cook her dinner, say nothing negative, etc.) is meant for him to better understand love and commitment and try and win his wife back.

Facing the Giants
Description: In six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season. After learning that he and his wife Brooke face infertility, Grant discovers that a group of fathers are secretly organizing to have him dismissed as head coach. Devastated by his circumstances, he cries out to God in desperation. When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team. He dares to challenge his players to believe God for the impossible on and off the field. When faced with unbelievable odds, the Eagles must step up to their greatest test of strength and courage.

Description: "This film is taken right from the book of Luke which many believe to be the book of the Bible that gives the most complete and accurate picture of Jesus' life. If you watch the movie with a Bible open to Luke you'll be able to follow right along. Brian Deacon plays the most believable Jesus (other than Robert Powell in the 1977 mini-series "Jesus of Nazareth) in any film, especially those done recently. The only drawback to this film is that it is quite wordy and at times moves slowly. The crucifiction scenes, however, are very, very powerful."

The Real Face of Jesus?
Description: The Real Face of Jesus? follows a team of graphic experts as they use cutting-edge 3D software to bring a holy relic known as the Shroud of Turin to life. Many believe Jesus Christ was buried in this ancient linen cloth, which bears traces of blood and the faint, ghostly image of a man. With the help of modern technology, can HISTORY finally unlock the secrets of one of the world's most scrutinized and controversial artifacts?
"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear."
1 Peter 3:15
"Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay."
Jeremiah 20:9
"Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints."
Jude 3