Auction Hunters and Storage Wars; Armed Robbery in Waiting

There are a couple of storage locker auction television shows that highlight the process of bidding on and then purchasing a storage locker.  The two main ones are; Auction Hunters on Spike T.V. and Storage Wars on A & E Television. 

On average there are about 15 people at each auction and they all must pay cash for the storage lockers that they bid on.  Many of these lockers sell for well over $1,000.  I would guess each person at one of these auctions averages at least $3,000 in cash on them. 

Most of these auction sites are in industrial areas and/or the people are inside of a complex out of site from the public.  These circumstances are an armed robber's dream come true.  I guarantee that in the near future you will hear about one of these auctions being robbed by armed bandits.

Think about it, these people are unarmed and there is at least $45,000 in cash ripe for the taking.  3 or 4 armed bandits could easily rob 15 to 20 people at one of these auctions who are all grouped around a storage locker in a small area.

Think about it, a criminal would get less money if they robbed a bank than if they robbed a storage auction.  Crime is all about the risk and reward, robbing a storage locker auction affords the most reward for the least amount of risk.

Several years ago I was talking to an O.G. Blood gangster from Compton and he was telling me about robbing a U-Haul facility in Long Beach that was located on Paramount Boulevard and South Street.  The proceeds from that robbery was only a couple hundred dollars and this is the same type of business that holds storage auctions.  If they would risk prison for a couple hundred dollars you better believe they wouldn't think twice about a lick for $45,000 cash.

You heard it here first, I thought of this the first time I witnessed one of these shows several months ago.  I just now got around to making this page on July 8, 2012.
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